TAS-320 Marshall Test Set

Digunakan untuk menentukan ketahanan (stabilitas) terhadap kelelahan plastis (flow) dari campuran aspal.

Kelengkapan dan Fitur

  • Compression Machine
    Steel frame, electric operated, 2”/ min speed
  • Compaction Mould
    Machined steel, 4” dia, 3 “ height, with collar and base plate
  • Stability Mould
    Split type, in dia 4”
  • Compaction Hammer
    Machined steel 10 lbs hammer weight, 18” drop height
  • Compaction Pedestal
    Wooden base with steel palten
  • Compaction Mold Holder
    Machined steel, qquick clamping system
  • Extruder
    Steel frame, hydraulid system
  • Flow Meter
    Alumunium, clamping bolt, dial indicator 10 mm x 0.01 mm
  • Waterbath
    Electric, stainless steel, water heater Digital control temperature up to 100° C
  • Proving Ring
    6000 lbs capacity, calibration

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