TC-323.E Electric Compression Machine

Digunakan untuk menentukan kuat tekan sample kubus atau silinder beton.

Kelengkapan dan Fitur

  • Frame
    Heavy-duty welded steel construction, 33 mm profilesteel columbs, 8 cm thick bottom and upper plate
  • Force Gauge
    Bourdon tube manometer, 200 mm dial diameter, with maximum load pointer, steel box housing, calibrated
  • Compreeieve platen
    Upper : 160 mm dia, ball seating Lower : 250 mm dia
  • Hydraulic System 200 tons capacity
    Mild-steel cylinder piston, 180 mm dia Max working 250 tons Overall dimension 250 mm dia x 250 mm Height single action, gravity return
  • Hydraulic Pump
    Type single action, valiable speed, Electric operated Max working pressure 10.000 psi/700 bar Resevoir 10 liter cap Dimension (I x W x H ) 38 x 23 x 60 cm Netto 35 kg ASTM-39 : 2.5—6.0 kN/s BS 1881 : 3.5—7.0 kN/s Clearance: Horizontal 270 m

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